Catalina Villas, Madison Heights, and Oak Knoll Pest Control 91106

Welcome to Ikill Pest Control Inc. We provide the Best pest controlTermite Controlwildlife control, and rodent control for the 91106 zip code, including Catalina VillasMadison Heights, and Oak Knoll, California. If you need a one-time pest control treatment, or if you want a bi-monthly service, our licensed and insured pest management experts can help. Our goal is to make sure you can enjoy your home and yard without worrying about pests. We also offer eco-friendly pest control solutions upon request!

Catalina Villas, Oak Knoll, and Madison Heights residential pest control

If you need pest control in the zip code of 91106, you have come to the right place. Ikill Pest Control Inc offers both one-time and bi-monthly pest control services for homes in Catalina Villas, Oak Knoll, and Madison Heights areas of Pasadena, California. Our licensed and insured pest management professionals can help you get rid of any pests that are giving you trouble, including rodents such as rats and mice, termites, roaches, ants, fleas, ticks, and even bed bugs!

For over 13 years, we've been offering Pasadena and the neighboring regions general pest control and specialized services. We have the experience and education to ensure that the task is done correctly. We understand how difficult living with pests on your property may be. We can ensure that you have a pest-free environment with our cutting-edge pest control techniques.

Pest Control Services We Provide to the 91106 zip code

We offer a variety of local pest control services to the 91106 zip code. We understand that each home is different and has its own specific needs, which is why we provide a range of services, including:

  • One-Time Pest Control Treatment
  • Quarterly Treatments
  • Bi-Monthly Pest Control Service
  • Monthly service
  • Bi-weekly treatments
  • Eco-Friendly Pest control solutions

We are so confident in our pest management ability that we offer a guarantee on our service! We will return to your home and take care of it for free during the warranty period!

Common pests that we control

We take care of mosquitoes, bed bugs, termites, carpenter bees, cockroaches, stinging insects, spiders, and ticks. Flea treatment is also one of our specialties, rodent control and rodent proofing!

Rodent Control

Ikill Pest Control is known as the Pasadena Rodent Control Experts, so if you have a rat or mouse problem, we can take care of it for you. Rats and mice can be a real nuisance, chewing through walls, wires, and other materials in your home. These rodents also carry diseases that can be harmful to you and your family.

We use various methods to get rid of rats and mice, including traps, baits, and even rodent-proofing your home. 

Animal Trapping

We also offer animal trapping services so that you can get rid of any critter that is causing you problems. For example, we can trap raccoons, opossums, skunks, snakes, and other animals. We will work with you to identify the animal that is causing you issues and develop a plan to get rid of it.

Rodent Proofing in Catalina Villas, Madison Heights, and Oak Knoll, California

If you just moved into a new home, you need to make sure it is rodent proof. The same holds true if you have rodents. After we finish a rodent removal job, the next big step is making sure it doesn't happen again. Rodents aren't the only ones that can easily find entry points; our rodent control experts can too!

Some common entry points for rodents are:

  • -Gaps or holes in the wall
  • -Holes around the roof or eaves
  • -Under the porch or deck
  • -In the foundation of your home
  • -Garage doors that aren't sealed properly
  • -Chimneys and vents

Call us if you have any questions about rodent-proofing your home!

Termite Control in Catalina Villas, Oak Knoll, and Madison Heights

If you have a termite problem in Southern California, we can take care of it. Termites are a serious problem and can cause a lot of damage to your home if they are not taken care of.

We use various methods to get rid of termites, including termite extermination, termite baiting, and termite control. 

Mosquito Control Services

Our mosquito control service is available from April through November. We recommend In2care for the best mosquito population management for the most effective mosquito control! So enjoy that lovely sunset this summer without worrying about getting bit by mosquitoes!

Flea Control

Fleas can happen, with or without pets. If you find fleas in your Pasadena home, we can take care of them for you. We use various methods to get rid of fleas, including flea extermination and flea control. 

Tick Control

Ticks can not only bite and suck your blood, but they can leave a nasty surprise behind. These creatures carry diseases and can be dangerous to you and your family. But, we have the best tick treatments to stop the ticks in their tracks!

Cockroach Control

No one ever wants to see roaches in their home. But when it happens you want the best cockroach control expert in Los Angeles, you found us! We use various methods to get rid of cockroaches, including cockroach extermination and cockroach control. We will work with you to develop a plan that will work best for you and your home.

Hornet and Wasp Control

When you walk outside and spot that new wasp nest, it can be a little nerve-racking. Hornets and wasps can be dangerous, especially if you are allergic to their stings. We offer hornet and wasp control services to get rid of these pests for you. We use various methods to get rid of them and methods to make sure they don't come back!

Bed Bug Treatments

It is such an awful feeling to know that bed bugs are in your home. Bed bugs can be challenging to get rid of, but we have the best treatments. We use various methods to get rid of bed bugs, including bed bug extermination and bed bug control.

You need to call a bed bug treatment expert immediately when you find out you have bed bugs. They can double their population just about every other day!

If you have any questions about our services, please don't hesitate to call us! We would be happy to help!

Ant Control

Ants can not only bite, but they can contaminate your food. They are also just plain annoying. If you have an ant problem, we can take care of it. First, we will correctly identify the types of ants you are dealing with, such as sugar ants, carpenter ants, fire ants, etc. Then we will use the proper treatment for the type of ant you have.

We also have ant prevention services to keep ants from coming back!

Spider Control

Spiders might scare you, but they aren't all that bad unless they are spiders like the black widow or the brown recluse. Those guys can give you a nasty bite! If you have a spider problem, we can take care of it. We use various methods to get rid of spiders, including spider extermination and spider control.

So give us a call for the best pest control in the 91106 zip code if you live in Catalina Villas, Madison Heights, or Oak Knoll and need Pest Control! Remember, we also provide Pasadena Pest Control and Los Angeles Pest Control, so tell your friends about us!