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Termite Control Los Angeles

Termite control in Los Angeles is the process of exterminating termites or preventing these pests from infesting and causing damage to a property or structure. Termites are attracted to wood and other cellulose materials. Ikill Pest Control can prevent these pests with various techniques such as fumigation, bait stations, and particular types of pesticides, called termiticides. Ikill Pest Control in LA offers termite control in Los Angeles and the surrounding areas.

Termites can cause severe damage to a LA property if their infestation goes undetected for long periods. Once they've started feeding on wood, they'll continue until there is no more left and will only stop once you hire a professional to protect your house. Termites come together in large numbers (called colonies) and can eat through any wood-like 2x4's used to build houses.

Types of termites in Los Angeles, Ca

There are many different Los Angeles termites, and different methods are based on different termite varieties. For example, we have dry wood, dampwood, and subterranean termites in southern California.

Drywood termites in Los Angeles, Ca

Drywood is the most common type of termite in LA, and there are times that Ikill Pest Control can control them by injecting non-repellant insecticide into the termite galleries (holes where the colony lives). Other times it might require tenting your home for termites.

Dampwood termites in Los Angeles, Ca

Dampwood requires different methods to control its infestation. The first thing is to identify why the home's wood is damp. Then inject termiticide into the areas where they are feeding on the house.

Subterranean termites in Los Angeles Ca

Subterranean termites live in the ground under their food source and come up to feed. There are different types of subterranean termites in LA, and recently the arrival of the Formosan termite was discovered in Los Angeles. Subterranean termites live underground; injecting a termiticide around your home is the typical treatment, creating a barrier to protect your house.

Formosan Termites in Los Angeles Ca

Formosans are a species of termites that have migrated into California from China. This destructive pest has the nickname super-termite. Rightfully so, as their colonies are so much larger than other subterranean varieties and can eat more wood faster, they can collapse a house before anyone realizes what is going on.

Termite Inspection Los Angeles

A termite inspection is crucial to determine if you have a termite infestation and to see how serious it is. After the inspection, our technicians will help you figure out the right treatment option and schedule an appointment for a Termite treatment if necessary.

Contact us today if you want more information on our Los Angeles Termite Inspections!

How to control termites in Los Angeles, Ca

Termite control can be a complicated process to get started on, especially when treating termites. However, some steps will help make the process easier and more efficient.

The first thing is to determine whether or not you have any signs of a problem. This pest can cause structural damage if they're left untreated, so it's crucial to find out as early as possible. It's also necessary to take action quickly since termite infestations spread quickly in warmer weather.

The best way to get rid of termites is by using termiticide. Termite treatment options include baiting and fumigating, which are the most effective ways to ensure that you're getting rid of all the termites in your house.

Termite Control Los Angeles

Ikill Pest Control Inc

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A professional termite technician does termite inspections. The termite inspection is typically done on the exterior and interior of the home or commercial property and any area conducive to termite activity. The state-licensed termite expert will search for termite warning signs, any home termite damage, if termite baits or wood treatment has been performed in the past, and create a detailed report.


After we inspect for termites, we plan on the best method to protect your house. We will go over the results of the termite inspection with you. This is your chance to ask any questions you have about termites, treatments, or prevention. For example, you might need wood or barrier treatment around the home's foundation to eliminate the entire colony. Barrier treatments such as this will inject enough of the active ingredient for continuous protection. So when new swarmers come around, this treatment will protect your barrier from future infestations. We find the best termite services that we can offer. As a Los Angeles Termite Company, customer satisfaction is our top goal, and that doesn't happen without us being the best in Los Angeles!


Termite Control provides various ongoing protection against termites for your home and property. They provide prevention, detection of termites and termite damage, and extermination services to keep termites away from your home or business.

Signs that you have termites in Los Angeles, Ca

There are so many different signs that one should look for. Below we will go be going over a few of the most common.

Mud tubes

Mud tubes are the tubes that termites make when they travel, kind of like a termite subway. It helps the termite to keep a microclimate to travel safely through.

Shed wings

When swarming, termites have four wings; the shed wings are usually found around windowsills or doors. So if you suddenly notice a lot of wings in your window sills, then you most likely have an enormous termite colony inside of your home. On the other hand, if you see a large number of shed wings outside of your house, typically around light sources, then that is a sign that the termites just targeted your home and are looking for a way in. Either way, you need to call us right away if you see this!

Blisters in wood flooring

If you notice blisters in the wood flooring, then there is a good chance of termite infestation. This will need to be dealt with ASAP, as it can cause structural damage to your home.

Termite droppings

If you find little piles of what looks like sawdust appear almost overnight, then that is a sure sign of a wood-destroying insect infestation. This is not always termites, sometimes it can also be carpenter ants, but either way, it needs to be inspected right away before more damage is done.

Evidence of termite swarms

If you find swarms of what kind of looks like flying ants inside or outside your house, then it is a good sign that termites are in the area. These swarms can show up in either fall or spring, but you need to get termite control either way.

Hollowed or damaged wood

Damaged or hollowed wood signifies that termites are either in the wood or have eaten through it. Unfortunately, there are times if they have been there long enough that you can stick your finger right through the wood! Either way, it needs to be inspected right away.


Termites infest a home very quickly; it is a good idea to have an inspection done every year. If you find termites in your Los Angeles house, the sooner we can get out there and eradicate them, the fewer repairs will need to be made. Call us now if you think you might have termite damage or an infestation!

Termite Control Services in Los Angeles, Ca

Termite control services are often used to prevent termites from eating away at the wood in your house. However, termites can eat through wooden structures until they become structurally unsound or you stop them– whichever comes first. For this reason, it's a good idea to have your house treated because these destructive insects can cause severe damage to a structure if you fail to protect it.

Ikill Pest Control in Los Angeles offers termite treatments for properties in the area. They use particular types of pesticides, tenting when needed, and baiting systems, depending on the type of termites you're up against.

Types of Termite Treatments

There are several Los Angeles Termite Treatment options. The type of termite problem will guide us on which one is the most appropriate for your home.


When termites are present, they can cause severe damage to a structure, and it's essential to get them treated immediately. If you've found evidence of termites on your home or commercial property, often the best option is tenting. For example, Ikill Pest Control in LA tents your home with a giant plastic tarp and seals up all the openings before pumping in gas for termite control. The tenting method works to kill all of the termites inside your home.

Termite baits

When there aren't as many termites present, you may be able to treat your home with termite baits. This termite control method is less expensive and doesn't require moving your items from your house while being treated.

To get the best results from baiting, you must place the bait stations strategically all-around a structure where existing termite infestations may be. The termites will enter the bait stations and eat the poison inside them, helping to kill off the colony. Ikill Pest Control in Los Angeles can help place baits strategically around your house.

Perimeter Treatment

For most subterranean termite infestations, a company may use a perimeter treatment around the exterior of your home to kill off any termites. The technicians typically drill small holes in the perimeter of your home and inject a termiticide inside. This is an effective option for keeping termites away from your home by creating a chemical barrier.

Termite Treatment Plans

Termite treatment plans are customized for each home. At Ikill Pest Control Services, we provide our clients with an annual termite inspection, treatment options, and services for a fair price. We are 100% committed to providing you the most excellent customer service at affordable prices.

If you're not sure of where to start, contact Ikill Pest Control Services, and we will be able to assist with recommendations on how best to handle the situation.

How can I prevent termite infestation?

Without your home being treated for termites, it is pretty difficult to prevent them. Here are a few DIY termite prevention steps:

  • - Remove any moisture sources from the perimeter of your home.
  • - Make sure there is no soil to wood with your home.
  • - Keep woodpiles away from your home.
  • - Replace any rotting or damaged wood timbers.
  • - Fix leaks in cisterns to prevent water damage.
  • - Ensure that your HVAC system is draining far enough away from your home.
  • - Ensure everything is dry in your crawl space
  • If you're looking for the most reasonably priced and the best termite treatment in Los Angeles, Ca, call Ikill Pest Control today to get started!

How to make the structure less attractive

To make the structure less attractive to termites, you need to ensure no soil-to-wood contact. This is the easiest method for subterranean termites to find their way in. You will want to make sure that if you have a crawl space or basement, it remains dry, and there is no soil to wood touching.

Inspecting your Los Angeles, Ca, structure for termites.

An annual termite inspection is vital in getting rid of termites in Los Angeles. Termite damage can be severe and cause structural issues if unchecked and undetected. Because you never know where termites might be hiding, it's best to hire licensed inspectors from a professional pest control company like Ikill to do an inspection.

Maintain Termite prevention features

Preventing termite infestation is the best way to protect your home. With termites, you will want to make sure that you repair any damaged wood on your house, ensure no soil-to-wood contact, and maintain good ventilation in your crawl space. If you have existing termites, then it is best to have the treatment done before replacement or repairs to protect it.

Termites and woodpiles

Wood piles are often places that termites in Los Angeles County like to find their way into your home. Unfortunately, finding these bugs in woodpiles is not uncommon at all. If you have wooden planters, picnic tables, or even mulch near your house, these are prime areas for termite infestations.

Termite control company

Ikill Pest Control is a Los Angeles termite control company with the experience and training to effectively perform termite treatments. We will come out, inspect your home, assess your needs, provide you with an estimate for how much it will be to protect your home or business. Then, we'll go ahead and get the job done.

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When you are tired of living in fear that termites are destroying your biggest asset, it's time for a change. You can call Ikill today to schedule your home inspection and get the help you need in removing and preventing termite infestations.

Termite and pest control

Ikill is a highly rated termite control company in LA; we are also one of the top companies for Los Angeles Pest Control. So no matter your needs, Ikill can help. With many years of experience, Ikill has the knowledge and expertise to deliver results.

Bundle and save on termite treatment

Have you been considering termite treatments in Los Angeles County? Have you consulted with other companies before but are not satisfied with the results or price point? You can save money on pest control and termite control in Los Angeles by calling Ikill!

Can you DIY termite control?

This is not recommended. First off, we are talking about your home; this is not something you want to experiment with; you need a certified termite expert to take care of it. Another thing is the equipment and chemicals that we use are cost-prohibitive. It would cost less to let a professional take care of it, that has all of the equipment and the knowhow to take care of it properly.

What is the most effective termite control?

This depends on the type of termite. For subterranean termite treatments in Los Angeles County, it is vital to treat the soil with chemicals that will provide long-lasting results. For drywood termites, the chemicals are placed directly in the wood, which will kill the termites that come in contact with it. For dampwood termites in Los Angeles, you need to have a chemical injected into the wood that will prevent termite infestations, along with removing the water source. Sometimes tenting the house is also a necessity.

How much does termite treatment cost?

That can not be simply answered, as too many variables affect the cost. Some important questions to ask are, what treatments are necessary? What kind of termites infested your house? How many different areas need to be treated? A complete inspection of your home or business is done before any estimate is given.

How long does the termite treatment last?

It depends on the treatment method and type of termites, but you will receive all of the details as we go over the treatment options.

Are termite Protection Plans worth it?

You wouldn't want to go without homeowners insurance, but you are at more risk of a termite infestation than anything else. And the worse part, homeowners insurance will not pay for a termite treatment, nor will they pay for the damage that termites cause!

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Ikill is more than a Los Angeles Termite Company; we are also a top Southern California Pest Control company. We are known throughout LA for being the best at rodent control, and rodent exclusion services, along with bed bugs and many other pests! So if you need any additional treatment for other pests along with your treatment, don't hesitate to let us know! Contact us today to protect you from all LA Pests!

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