Los Angeles Termite FAQ

Are termites harmful to People?

Although the bite of a soldier termite is usually harmless, termites are not known to spread illnesses or deliver venom. However, they can have an impact on your health indirectly. For example, subterranean termites create termite damage that can lead to mold problems in your house.

How can I get rid of termites in my Los Angeles home?

In Los Angeles, we have two main types of termite species, subterranean and drywood termites. There are different treatment methods for both. For Subterranean termites, you will inject a termiticide into the ground, and with drywood termites, you treat the wood.

What attracts termites to my Los Angeles house?

On a Los Angeles home, termites are generally attracted to moist or decayed wood or wood that is touching the ground. If you have water leaks or plumbing problems in the walls, this can create an excellent environment for termites to thrive and grow.

Where do termites live in my Los Angeles house?

It depends; subterranean termites live under the home, and drywood termites live in the wood of your home. Subterranean termites will come into your home to gather food for the termite colony.

Can I treat termites myself?

The most common response is no, and in nearly every situation, it is correct. Termite control isn’t a do-it-yourself project since termite colonies may be concealed within or near your property and frequently hidden from view.

How do you find a termite nest?

On the foundation and crawl-space walls, pencil-thick mud-looking tubes, called termite mud tubes, hide subterranean termites as they travel between the nest and their food. If you discover cream-colored insects when you pop open the termite mud tubes, your home is infested.

How can you tell if termites are active in your home?

Here are the top 7 signs of active termites:
Dry mud appears on the walls or around the foundation, typically about pencil thickness.
Swarming flying insects in your home, especially after rain.
You might find wings, bodies, or droppings.
You see small pinholes in your wood or other surfaces with termite damage.
You tap on the wood of your home, and it sounds hollow in some parts, especially trim wood.
If you do not have a slab foundation, your floor might start having soft spots.
You see a termite swarm in your home.

How can you tell if termites are in your Los Angeles walls?

It can be very difficult to tell in the earlier stages, but in the later stages, you can sometimes see mud tunnels on walls or around windows. This is a common sign of active termites. Along with looking for mud tubes, check your home for soft areas, especially in your home’s trim.

What are the early signs of termites?

Early signs of termites take a lot more work. You can first look around your foundation and search for mud tunnels. Also, if there is any wood lying on the ground, safely turn it over and see if there are termites. Other than that, call Ikill Pest Control to do a termite inspection.

Are Los Angeles termites hard to get rid of?

Although challenging, it is possible to eliminate termites. For drywood termites, it’s essential to discover where the colony is located and how many colonies there are. For subterranean termites, it is crucial to treat your home’s barrier.

Can you sleep in a house with termites?

In Los Angeles, termites can create a moisture problem, leading to mold problems. With that being said, you should have them taken care of right away. They can also eat through the flooring, causing it to possibly fall through if you are not on a concrete slab. Other than that, they will not physically attack people.

Do termites crawl on people?

Termites are not attracted to people, and the only time they might crawl on you is if you pick up a piece of wood with termites in it. Then, of course, they have soldiers that will “attack,” but the bite from their mandibles (the termite jaw) is not that bad at all.

Can vinegar get rid of termites?

While vinegar will most likely kill a termite from the acetic acid, it is not the best treatment method. So instead, professional Los Angeles Termite Treatment Experts will typically use a non-repellant. The goal is to kill the termite colony, where there could be millions, not deter the termites from one area and make them harder to find.

Where do Los Angeles drywood termites come from?

Los Angeles Drywood termites live in dry wood environments. Forests, suburban constructions, and woodshops are among their favorite places. If they’re present in your home, it’s because they’ve gained unrestricted access to the wood of your home.

How do I treat my Los Angeles house for termites?

This depends on the type of termite species, so it’s best to have a professional come out. Outlined below are the two most seen types of termite species in Los Angeles, California.

Drywood Termites: These are wood-boring insects that typically infest furniture, ceilings, and walls.
Subterranean Termites: These insects live underground and come into your home to extract wood to take back to the colony.

Why did termites suddenly appear in my Los Angeles Home?

Once the termite colony has grown to a large enough termite infestation, they will start expanding to create new termite colonies. This usually happens after the first good spring rain, but in Los Angeles, it could happen more than once a year. When it happens, you will start seeing what looks like flying ants (alates) in your window sills.

Do termites eat concrete?

Termites will take advantage of the cracks that naturally happen on concrete slabs. You might not know there are cracks in your slabs, but it only takes a tiny crack to allow the termites through. And while they can not eat the concrete, they can move enough little pieces in the crack around to find their way in.

Do termites come back after treatment?

On subterranean termites, it is not likely for many years. On drywood termites, it is possible, depending on the treatment methods. You need a Los Angeles termite control company like Ikill to keep an eye on your home yearly to be safe.

How long can termites live?

Workers and soldiers live for about one to two years on average. Queen termites may survive for many years under ideal climatic conditions.

How far in the ground do termites go?

Subterranean termites build their nests in the ground and extend them up to several meters from the nest. Foraging tunnels can extend 20 or more meters away from the colony.

How much does Los Angeles termite control cost?

This is always case by case basis. There is a lot that goes into the cost, so a Los Angeles Termite Control expert will have to come to inspect your home and find out the type of termite, the size of the colony, along with the size of your home.

Where do winged termites come from?

The winged termites, also called alates come from the termite colony when the colony is at a significant termite infestation level. When they are found in the windowsills, that means your home. When they are found outside around your foundation and outdoor lighting, then possibly a neighbors home, and now yours. If you have a significant termite infestation, your best Los Angeles Termite Treatment Company is Ikill Pest Control. Contact Ikill today to get a termite inspection right away!

What do termites look like?

Termites workers are pale and soft-bodied, with a gelatinous appearance resembling maggots. Until you see them move, worker termites appear identical to maggots. However, if you come upon a group of working termites, you can distinguish them from maggots because each of their pairs of legs moves independently as they carry out their duties.
The alates, or reproductive termites, have wings about equal in size to the body and are pointed at the tip. Their bodies may be brown, yellowish-brown, orange-brown, or a combination of these colors. Alates are pretty distinctive.

What is a termite inspection?

A termite inspection (or termite risk assessment) is the process of identifying areas in which termites are likely to be found. The inspection is performed by a Los Angeles termite inspection professional who is trained to recognize termite damage. A visual inspection often plays the most prominent part in determining where termites might be found.

What is a termite control company?

A termite control company is a pest control that specializes or has specialists in termite treatment, termite inspections, and termite prevention. For example, Ikill is a Los Angeles termite control company that also does: termite control, pest control, bee removal, rodent removal, and wildlife trapping and relocation.

What is the best Los Angeles Termite Control Company?

Ikill Pest Control is the best Los Angeles Termite Control Company with many years of experience dealing with termites in Los Angeles.

Do you do termite removal in Beverly Hills, ca?

Yes, in fact we are rated the Best Beverly Hills Pest Control Company by our customers, and Beverly Hills is one of our many service areas around Los Angeles where we perform termite removal services. With Formosan termites making their way through Los Angeles, contact us right away if you notice termites in your Beverly Hills home!

Do you do Termite Fumigation in Beverly Hills, Ca?

When that is what your Beverly Hills treatment requires, then yes, we can perform a termite fumigation service for you. We utilize a chemical treatment that will kill all termites and the queen when it’s called for. This is why we say no one does Termite Control like Ikill Pest Control!

Do you do termite treatment in Pasadena, California?

Pasadena is one of our most common service areas. We would be more than happy to come to do a Pasadena Termite Inspection for you and see if you need our Pasadena Termite Removal Service.

Do you perform termite treatments in Arcadia, California?

Ikill Pest Control is well known as the best Arcadia termite treatment company. Arcadia is one of our many service areas in which we do termite treatments throughout the San Gabriel Valley. In addition, we do Arcadia Termite Inspections and would like to have the chance to come to look over your Arcadia home and make sure there are no active termites. If there are, you can trust us to do the best termite removal service near you!