Termite Treatment in Eagle Rock, Los Angeles Ca 90041

Termite treatment in Eagle Rock, eventually almost every homeowner in Eagle Rock will have to come to a page like this. This area is home to drywood termites and subterranean termites. Unfortunately, there is also another variety of subterranean termites that have made their way to the area. They were found just 3 miles away in Highland Park! More on that further down, but first, let me tell you a little more about our termite control services in the 90041 and more information about what a termite is and does.

What is a termite?

A termite is a small insect that eats wood. Termites can infest anything made of wood, from your home’s trim to your house siding to the foundation underneath your house or even large trees outside. Termites are able to chew through just about anything that is made out of wood. There are some major variations between the drywood termites and the subterranean termites.

Drywood Termites in Eagle Rock, California

Drywood termites live above ground. They make small colonies in wood and hollow it out. Drywood termites are very tricky to locate, as their methods are so different. They do not require mud tubes, more on that later. Because if this, when drywood termites are eating away at your home, you might not notice for a very long time!

Subterranean termites in Eagle Rock, LA

Next up, is the infamous subterranean termite in Eagle Rock. The subterranean termite lives below ground. They don’t have a home or form a colony anywhere near where they eat, instead, they go out and search for food, usually wood.

Subterranean termites need mud tubes to get from the soil around your house to the wood it is eating. They will typically build these mud tubes in the walls, making it much harder to notice, but eventually, they will venture outside the walls. When they do this, you will notice what looks like mud on the walls.

So what exactly is a termite mud tube?

A termite mud tube is a tunnel for the termites to travel. Subterranean termites have their own patent-pending soil, wood, and termite spit formula. They carefully form a chamber of channels to the underground. You might be wondering why, but the answer is quite simple.

They have needs, they like the way it feels underground, the air is more controlled, humidity level just right, and there is not anything that can attack them! It is a perfect freedom tunnel until they take a wrong turn and reveal their mud tube to an Eagle Rock homeowner that knows their insurance will not cover this damage.

How large is a regular subterranean termite colony?

These colonies can range from tens of thousands when they are young, to millions as the colony matures. The queen western subterranean termite can live for more than a couple of decades, pushing out thousands of new termites a day!!!

So what are Formosan Termites?

Believe it or not, Formosan termite colonies are much larger! They also reproduce at a faster rate! With that being said, they have to consume your Eagle Rock home, I mean the trees in the forest faster to feed all of the young! It is difficult for the untrained person to see the difference, but when you sit in your chair and it falls out from hollowed-out legs, you probably have Formosans. They will literally eat wooden picture frames on the wall!

And are Formosans really in Eagle Rock?

Formosan termites have been found just 3 miles from Eagle Rock in Highland Park. They have migrated clear across the country if that is any indicator. Most pest control operators look for the signs of subterranean termite, or a drywood termite, then the treatment takes place.

Now that we are aware of the Formosans in the area, you will start hearing reports of the Formosan termites in Eagle Rock, and other parts of Los Angeles.

What can I do if my Eagle Rock home has been infested?

You need to call Ikill Pest Control right away. You do not want to wait, just because you discovered them today, does not mean that they have not been munching away for a very long time. You do not want to give them another minute to do more damage.

What does a Subterranean termite look like?

There are two castes of western subterranean termites that you might see in your home- the workers and the soldiers.

The workers resemble large white or cream-colored ants, The soldiers’ heads are orange and rectangular, with huge pincher-like mouthparts for battling colony intruders. The Swarmers are small, dark brown insects that measure approximately 3/8 of an inch in length with two pairs of wings and bigger front wings than hind wings.

How to get rid of termites?

You should always call a professional when it comes to termites. Subterranean termites are not able to be treated by yourself, in fact, you can make matters worse if you do it yourself.

The only way the job gets done correctly is by hiring a pest control team that knows what they are doing, who has the best equipment for the task, and who will give you an estimate before starting!

Eagle Rock Termite Inspection services

After calling us about termites on your property, we will send out out Eagle Rock Termite Inspection Experts. They will search your property for signs of termites and give you a full report on what we find, and if we see any issues.

If there is an infestation, we will provide you with a treatment plan that best suits your budget and needs! If there is no infestation, then you are very fortunate, and we can talk to you about our monitoring plans and things that you can do to help keep your home from becoming a magnet to termites.

Eagle Rock Termite Treatments

Our Eagle Rock Termite treatments can vary based on the types of termites. As we talked about above, some termites live above ground in the walls, and some types live underground, and only come up to get more wood to feed the colony. So the treatment types can vary, and that is something that our termite inspector can come talk to you about.

Ikill Pest Control, the best Eagle Rock pest control company, will care for your termite problem. They are licensed by the California Dept of Agriculture, meaning they know how to get rid of termites in Los Angeles County. They specialize in termite control for southern California including Eagle Rock. So don’t let the problems get worse. Call Ikill Pest Control in Eagle Rock today!

Termite prevention

Almost every home in the western U.S. could potentially have termite infestations, but never get discouraged. There are termite preventative measures that can be taken to ensure you don’t get an infestation.

We can do a termite pretreat post-construction. This can create a barrier around the structure of your home. With this, if any of these pests try to make a home in an area that we treat, they will not make it. There are also other termite treatment options to stop a termite infestation before it starts.

Preventing termites: Top tips for outside your home

Aside from a chemical barrier, you can do a few things yourself. First, search the area alongside your home, all the way around, and look for any areas that stay moist. This could be from an air conditioner condensation drain, a window unit dripping, or it could even be a flower bed that you keep well watered! yes, that can be an invitation for infestations.

Another thing to look for is any wood of your home touching the dirt of your yard. This creates a way for a hunger termite to find your home without even having to build a mud tube! Instead, it can just tunnel in and start eating, and tell the rest of the colony where the best and easiest wood around is!

If you have any wood around your home on the ground, get it picked up and moved away from your home. As you do this, look underneath for termites. If it has been on the ground long enough, you probably already have them in your home.

Look for any exposed wood anywhere outside of your home. Always keep an eye out for any changes.

Preventing termites: Top indoor tips

Indoor tips for termite control in Eagle Rock are first, always take care of any water leaks right away. If you have a plumbing leak, or a roof leak, a bathroom floor that stays wet from the kids playing. Make sure it gets dried.

Pest Control in Eagle Rock, Los Angeles Ca 90041

If you are really serious about preventing termites, call Ikill Pest Control and set up a regular pest control treatment that includes termite monitoring. Every time we come out to treat your property, we can make sure that our expert technician keeps an eye out for any and all signs of termites and termite damage. So not only will you enjoy not having pest problems, but also you will get the peace of mind that these little pests are not making dinner with your living room walls!

Eagle Rock Termite Control

So when you need Termite Control in Eagle Rock, you know who to call! Contact us to get started and make sure your home termite issue does not exist. We can help you prevent termite infestations

Types of termite treatment

There are so many types of termite treatments for the termites in Eagle Rock, from wood treatments to liquid soil termiticides, termite baits, termite fumigation, and more. We will go over a few termite control tactics below.

Soil termite pretreatment before a slab is laid down

When you having a new home built, it is a great idea to have the soil pretreated for termites. Having the soil pretreated before it is poured prevents termites from reaching your home. The termiticides on the market today last for many years, depending on the termite control chemical used, you might not have to worry about termites for up to 5- 10 years!

Wood Treatments for Termite Control

Instead of preparing the soil and creating bait stations, the wood treatments include spraying and treating surfaces and injecting sprays and foam. They eliminate current termites and soak through the wood for future pest problems. This is best when a home is being built because the entire home frame can be treated.

Liquid soil barrier for Termite Control

Creating a barrier by injecting the termite control chemical around your entire home can put a fast stop to an established colony, and can also prevent new colonies from forming.

Termite bait station for termite control

Termites can be very destructive and quickly build huge colonies. The termite bait station system works by having the worker termites enter into a bait station and eat the termiticide product, then take it back to their colony and spread it around.

Fumigation Termite Control in Eagle Rock

Sometimes a termite infestation of drywood termites requires fumigation termite control. This involves placing a tent over your home and pumping in a special gas. This is best for entire homes with major drywood termite problems.

Ikill Termite Protection Plan

If you live in Eagle Rock, I wouldn’t recommend you wait another day to protect your home from a termite infestation. Instead, contact us to make sure your property is not already infested through a thorough inspection, and protect it with a Termite Protection Plan. This service will ensure that you keep these pests out, and provide termite treatments when needed.