Pasadena Termite Control

If you own a home in Pasadena, then more than likely one day you will need Pasadena Termite Control. Unfortunately, Pasadena has more than its fair share of termites, and getting rid of them can be a costly endeavor. But, there's hope on the horizon for those who want to take steps to ensure they don't lose their house – and everything in it – sometime soon. At Ikill Pest Control, our termite services have several treatment options, and we are fair priced on our termite control services.

What makes Ikill Pest Control the best Pasadena Termite Control Company?

We have years of experience in termite treatment and inspection services, and our termite experts are licensed and insured in California. We are also 100% upfront about our rates, ensuring everyone knows what to expect before they sign on the dotted line.

At Ikill Pest Control, we know termites can be devastating for any unfortunate homeowner to have them on their property. That's why we treat every property as if it were our own. We show up on time and treat your property like it's ours. We put in the effort to make sure that every last termite is eradicated, even if it takes a little bit longer than expected!

Our company has been around for years, and our experts have seen just about everything when it comes to pests. So if you're unsure whether or not termites are what you're experiencing, give us a call. Our professionals will be happy to do a termite inspection!

5 Signs that you have a termite infestation

There are several different signs that you might have termites. Here are the top 5 signs of termites:

  1. Damaged wood: One of the top signs of termites is damaged wood.
  2. Swarmers: Another indication that you have termites is when swarmers emerge. They will send out termite swarms to explore new locations to live in when the colony in your home grows too big for their living space. If you notice a rise of flying insects inside your Pasadena, California house, they may be termites swarming to start new colonies. Typically in Pasadena, termites swarm a few times a year, usually after a good rain.
  3. Wood that sounds hollow when you tap it. Termites eat the wood from the inside, the outside might look perfect, but on the inside, it can be so hollow that you can stick a finger through it!
  4. Droppings – If you see little piles of mysterious droppings in your home as they consume wood, there's a good chance those are termite droppings.
  5. Mud Tubes – Termites need a particular environment to survive, so if you see mud tubes on the interior or exterior of your home that looks as though they were formed by mud, those might be termite colonies moving around your home.

Termite Inspection Services

Termite inspection services are the best thing to do if you suspect termite activity or if you don't know when your home was last treated for termites. At Ikill Pest Control, we encourage you to get an annual checkup for your Pasadena property. It's the only way to ensure that everything is termite-free! Our experienced technicians can search your property down to your attic and crawl space to ensure you are termite free!

What can happen if I leave my termite infestations untreated?

When you leave termite infestations untreated, they will continue to eat away at your home until it is beyond repair. They will keep moving from room to room until they have eaten everything in your home, including the walls and floors! The longer you wait to start a termite control service, the more money it's going to cost you.

Our termite experts at Ikill Pest Control are full-service pest control professionals who provide treatment for termites and offer many pest control services in Pasadena. We can get rid of spiders, ants, bees, bed bugs, and more! Just give us a call to schedule your appointment today! Remember, termites cause billions of dollars worth of damage every year in the United States, don't risk your home; get termite protection today!

What are termites?

Let us back up for a minute and cover the basics; termites are some of the most common pests found in Pasadena, CA homes. They are winged insects that live primarily on cellulose materials, such as wood or paper. Termites have a complex social structure, and the subterranean species even have a caste system that's dependent upon the role of each termite. There are different types of termites as well:

  • Subterranean Termites – These guys live underground and can be more challenging to locate. This type of termite is responsible for the most destructive of wood-eating insects.
  • Drywood Termites – These guys can live above ground and have much smaller colonies of around 2,000-3,000. Unlike other termite species, they do not have a worker caste because younger termites do the work before becoming adults.

What type of termites are in Pasadena, California?

Pasadena is home to both subterranean and drywood termites. However, Pasadena's warm, humid climate is much more conducive to pest infestations. If you live in California, it's likely that you have or will have at least one of the two types of termites in your home.

Drywood Termite treatments

With drywood termites, we will have to tent the home most of the time. We seal off the house and form a tent over it. This treatment involves introducing a Gas Fumigant (Sulphuryl Fluoride) into a structure. Once this gas has been introduced into your Pasadena, California property, any termites that might be in or on the structure will succumb within a very short time with nowhere to hide.

We do this because there may be still active termites, but they cannot escape when we put up the tent. They will eventually die, allowing us to remove them once it is safe for you to reenter your home. This whole structure fumigation is the leading solution to drywood termite infestations.

Subterranean Termite Treatments

For subterranean termites, we will typically treat in the ground around your home. If we use liquid treatments, we will create a soil chemical barrier around your home's foundation to treat your entire property to control termites and eliminate the infestation.

This is because these pests only come into your home to get more food (the wood of your home) to take back underground to the colony. So in doing this type of liquid treatment, it will destroy the entire colony and leave a residual that will last for a very long time to continue protecting your home as it prevents future infestations.

Formosan Termite Treatments

Formosan subterranean termites are absolutely one of the most destructive termite species. Formosan termites are a type of sub. termite, but have very large colonies and can destroy your home much faster! Typically the treatment methods are the same as the western subterranean termite. Still, sometimes they might require a tent treatment in extreme cases to destroy the entire termite colony.

What is the most effective termite Treatment?

This depends on the types of termites. Different types of termites can require other termite treatments. If you are experiencing problems with termites, it is best to call us. We can inspect your home and tell you precisely what will need to be done.

How do you get rid of all termites for good?

It depends on the type of termites that you have in your home. If you are experiencing a problem with a termite infestation, then it is best to give us a call, and we can inspect your home and let you know exactly what type of termite treatment will need to be done.

There are also methods of termite prevention to stop a termite infestation before it begins—anything from soil treatments around your home to bait stations for termite control and detection of subterranean termites.

Termite Prevention in Pasadena

Termite prevention starts with a regular termite inspection. During your inspection, we will identify any potential termite problem with your home. The experienced technician will also look for any property damage and termite activity throughout several critical areas. Then to prevent foraging termites from finding your home, you want a chemical barrier through a liquid treatment for continuous protection.

How do you kill termites and get rid of them forever?

First off, we have to look at this as a two-part question because of the different types in Pasadena. For some types, the protective barrier in the soil can protect you for many years, as some registered termiticides are labeled for up to 10 years of protection if you follow label directions. So this is another reason that you want an experienced technician doing the job.

On the other hand, with drywood termites, you have to keep your eye out for active termites or termite damage or the best method is to have us come out and make sure that you do not have an infestation of these wood-destroying pests before they can do extensive damage.

Can you get rid of termites with one treatment?

If we tent or use liquid treatments to protect your home, we can typically get rid of these pests with one treatment. But again, you will want regular inspections to make sure this pest problem does not happen again.

Can you treat your home for termites yourself?

This is very much not recommended. It is not the same as professional treatments even if you try to put out some termite baits yourself. You do not want to risk misapplication or not placing the bait stations in the right areas to prevent termites.

The best thing you can do is hire a professional and do all you can to prevent these pests with methods such as making sure no exposed wood or soil always remains wet close to your property.

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