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The House Mouse, the Norway Rat, and the Roof Rat are the three most common rodent species in Los Angeles, California. These animals carry and transmit diseases and can contaminate our homes. If the needs for survival of rodents are met (food, water, and shelter), they can quickly multiply. Therefore, the first step must be eliminating their food and water supply.

Ikill Pest Control can identify what might be their food and water supply. After that initial step, we use trapping and bait to remove a rodent’s population. Then we can find any entry points on exterior walls to eliminate the possibility of the rodents coming back into your home or business.

How do you identify rodent infestations in your home?

You may notice some things when rodent species are moving into your house. The most common sign is droppings found in cabinets. Other indicators of a rodent infestation include:

  • Food packages with edges chewed down.
  • Damage at the entry points of your house or crawl space.
  • Nesting sites are covered by shredded paper or fabric.

Rodent Control Measures in Los Angeles California

  • Identify and remove any possibility of the rodents getting to any food sources.
  • Identify and remove any chance of the rodents getting to a water source.
  • Find all entry points and rodent nesting areas
  • Properly baiting for the existing rodent population
  • Setting traps for the rodents
  • Sanitizing the mess the rats and mice left behind

Three reasons rodents are dangerous home guests

We must remove these mice and rats from your Los Angeles home. Our rodent control specialists perform an exclusion by sealing all entry points. We can also vacuum and disinfect attics to remove rodent evidence. If you need rat control or mouse control, our Los Angeles Pest Control services have you covered.

Ikill pest control does this to make your home safe again. The rat and mouse dropping are a hazard and must be appropriately cleaned up and sanitized.

Not only is it dangerous from the airborne bacteria of the rats and mice, but they can also bite you, and they carry all types of diseases that can transmit through a bite.

Request a Los Angeles rodent exclusion price estimate

The rodents that come into your home are dangerous. Our rodent control service experts can remove them quickly. Our team of Los Angeles rodent control experts can also make exclusions and remove nesting built by them to end your pest problems.

Free rodent inspection

Our rodent experts will inspect your property and create a targeted rodent prevention program. This will cover all areas. You might see one little house mouse, but typically, there are many more when you see one.

We will inspect for these along with the well-known roof rat. These rats can get to well over half of a pound in size. If you think that is something, the Norway rat can get up to almost 2 feet long, including the tail, and weigh well over one pound.

Imagine letting rats this big become a rodent infestation in your home! Get a thorough inspection today before they cause severe damage. A rat infestation can cause very dangerous problems, including house fires caused by rats eating through electrical wiring.

Rodent Control Services in Los Angeles

When you need help with Rodent Control, you need Ikill Pest Control. We service the entire Los Angeles area and all of the San Gabriel Valley.

We are experts in this field and can take care of any rodent problem. There is no need to worry; we have the experience and knowledge to get the job done right. If you need Los Angeles Rat Control, we have you covered.

With pest management and pest prevention, we will have your pest problem a thing of the past!

Christopher Tran
Christopher Tran
February 12, 2021.
Carlos, the owner and manager is a great person to work with. And he's good at what he's doing. I highly recommend his service.
Leah Dilbeck
Leah Dilbeck
September 11, 2020.
Wow!!!! I am so impressed with Carlos!!!! He was amazing! He got here & got right on fixing the problem! No BS, no jive about how it was going to be inaccessible - he just got it done! We fumigated our house & inadvertently killed some rats in the process. I could tell the approximate area from the smell - but he zoned in on it & got them out!!! He rat proofed my house to prevent anymore issues. Im having him take care of the ants & spiders too =) He is my friend for life now! I will happily refer him & his company to all my clients, fellow agents & everyone I know.
Adrienne Beauvois
Adrienne Beauvois
August 23, 2020.
I love this company! They helped my mosquito problem and now I can sit outside without being eaten alive! They are so responsive and friendly!
July 30, 2020.
great service, always shows up on time at their scheduled appointments
Toni Espino
Toni Espino
June 22, 2020.
Always Professional and Courteous. I recommend them to anyone needing business or home pest control.

Rodent Control in Las Angeles

Why Choose Ikill Pest Control for rodent control

Free Inspection: You will get a lot more answers regarding pests in your home.

Preventive Solutions: We can help customers prevent rodents, preventing property damage and rodent urine and feces.

Rodent Removal: We will come back to eliminate and remove trapped pests and clean up any messes that the rats and mice left behind.

Rodent Entry Point Identification: Our rodent exclusion services will identify and seal any entry points found.

Trapping Rodents in Los Angeles

We offer a rodent trapping plan as well. If you would rather not have rat and mouse poison used, we provide a service for trapping all rodents.

We will place traps safely and adequately to avoid missing a rat or a mouse. The number one goal is making our customers happy, along with efficient rodent control.

Rodent Exclusion Service

Did you know that a young mouse can enter a home with a hole the size of a pen! And an adult mouse can get in through a hole the size of a dime!

You can see how it wouldn’t take long to have a problem with mice or other rodents!

We search for all possible entry points and ensure that these rodents will not find an easy way into your home. Then, with our rodent proofing services, you can sleep comfortably again, knowing your home is rodent free.

The #1 local rodent specialist for Los Angeles California

Ikill pest control has a serious interest in controlling rats and mice. Whenever you want to get rid of rodents, we will be there to help you! Our rodent specialists can advise you on the best solutions for your rodent problems.

If rodents invade your home, they can cause a devastating attack, spread diseases, and even infect your home’s living quarters with parasites. Our rodent specialists understand precisely what to do to take proper care of your rodent problem.

Why do you not want rats in your California home?

Rodents are known to pass dangerous diseases to humans. In addition, parasites pose numerous problems that can threaten your family, including spreading severe and possibly fatal diseases.

Not only that, but these pests can also eat through your home and wiring, causing damage that will cost much more than the rodent prevention might have.

If mice stray into any wall or attic in your house, they will not stop there. You know why pest control is essential when you understand the dangers of rodent infestations. Those little house mice might be cute in cartoons, but they pose a severe health threat to your family.

Guaranteed rodent exclusion service

Services in rodent exclusion include sealing all potentially exposed entrance points. If we fail in any part of these areas during the warranty period, we’ll come back to your house for a thorough overhaul.

By regularly monitoring rodent activity around your property and performing regular monitoring, you can feel confident rodents cannot enter your house. We recommend having us conduct regular checking and inspections to ensure the security of your home and family.

Professional rodent monitoring & treatment

Your pest problem and severity will primarily determine the rodent treatment procedures. When partnering with Ikill pest control, our rodent control experts will customize your services specifically to your scenario, including surveillance and preventative measures.

We don’t just want to fix your existing rodent problem. We want to prevent it! Because we care about your family’s and pets’ health and environmental protection, we address physical approaches to rodent control, such as sealing up entry points, locating the rodent’s food source, and minimizing harmful effects through sanitation in the most effective way.

Initial Service Visit & Inspection

At Ikill Pest Control, we begin our rodent control services to inspect your home thoroughly. This enables our rodent specialists to determine the rodent entry points and the rodent activity levels within your home or business.

We then look to your exterior for damage that a rat or a mouse can exploit. We can stop the rodent problem before it starts by identifying and fixing potential entry points.

Professional rodent cleaning services

Mice and rats can ruin insulation, leaving urine and feces everywhere. This is unappealing and can also cause health challenges in your family.

Our attic cleaning service will remove the damaged insulation, sanitize the area, and replace the needed insulation.

You should hire an expert to tackle this task instead of yourself as working with rodent excrement can be dangerous. Our professionals are well educated and trained on cleaning an attic after rodents are found.

Follow-up services

Ikill Pest Control stands behind its work. We’ll come back during the warranty period if there’s any problem! If you invest in our rodent control programs, you have invested in the most current and accurate programs possible. You’ll know that you’re in safe hands.

Rodents are known to cause serious health problems. They can also contaminate your home with their urine and feces. If you have a rodent problem, don’t try to solve it yourself.

Contact Ikill Pest Control for professional help. We will rodent-proof your Los Angeles home so that you and your family can live safely and without worry.

5 Star Pest Control Service

We strive for customer satisfaction, we don't come to your home or business just to do a half way good job, we are there to eradicate and prevent your pests to a level that you will want to join everyone else and give us a 5 star review!

A Pest Control Company that Listens

We know a lot about what we do, but if a professional does not listen to their clients, they will not get the job done right. That is why we listen.

Word Of Mouth Marketing

It is no wonder our customers choose us year after year. It is not uncommon to treat friends and families of our customers. When they see how good and professional our service is, they can't help but share.

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